A guide for the fragrance enthusiast

Fragrance Hobby

Creating scent memories one fragrance at a time.

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  • Learn the art of selecting your signature scent.
  • Coming soon…discover new ways to try new fragrances on a budget.
  • Coming soon…Stand out in a crowd with your fragrance.

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Perfume Bottle Against Field of Flowers

Selecting Your Signature Scent

Three Brown Miniature Essential Oil Bottles on White Surface

How to Discover New “to you” Fragrances

5 Ways to Make Any Fragrance Workplace Friendly

Scented or Unscented-Fragrance in Body Care

Where to Shop for Fragrances

Fragrance At Home

open spaces

PEOPLE | Places…

Open spaces!

Coming soon! 5 ways to add fragrance to an open space…and make it last!

Upstairs interior of comfortable home in Scandinavian style with kitchen and lounge zone decorated with potted plants and lamps hanging around

Learn the art of selecting fragrance favorites for right now or building a collection for a lifetime.


Get a better understanding of why some fragrances work for you and others don’t.


Connect more with the people around you through scent.

Coming soon!

fragrance Tips

I look forward to sharing useful fragrance tips and a few tricks that will make your fragrance hobby a little more fun,